Vote of confidence allows government to complete its work, says Vernardakis

The vote of confidence that government gained on Wednesday night “is a great victory; it creates a new parliamentary majority and the government has the political time to complete what begun after the vote on the budget,” State Minister Christoforos Vernardakis said on Thursday.

Vernardakis underlined that the vote of confidence was not linked to the Prespes Agreement. He added that when the Prespes Agreement comes to the Greek parliament for ratification, political parties should not raise a question of party discipline with their deputies because this is a serious national issue that goes beyond current political contradictions.

“As a national issue, the Prespes Agreement,” he explained, “has to be evaluated on its own, it’s no longer related to confidence in government, and we have clarified this issue. We have an agreement up ahead, on which all deputies must take a personally responsible political or ideological stance.”

Source ANA-MPA
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