‘I am optimistic that we will overcome the political difficulties,’ PM Tsipras tells Moscovici

“I am very optimistic that in the next days the Greek parliament will ensure the country’s stability because we are in the midst of a very important period, we are on the path of growth and political stability is very important” stated Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during his meeting on Wednesday with visiting European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici. “I am optimistic that we will overcome the political difficulties, as we succeeded in overcoming the economic difficulties in the past,” added Tsipras.

On his part Moscovici said that his visit was mostly linked to the economy and that the message he would bring in meetings with the heads of the business and banking sectors was positive, “since we now see Greece moving forward as a normal member of the eurozone.” He also underlined that “Greece and its people deserve a fully-fledged success story.”

The European Commissioner said that his visit was taking place at the invitation of the Greek-French Chamber and comes at a very interesting time. While explaining that he does not intervene in any voting process and that it is well known that the European Commission welcomes the Prespes Agreement on the FYROM name dispute, Moscovici used the term “Macedonia” to refer to Greece’s northern neighbour. This prompted the immediate intervention of the prime minister, who noted that “The next time you are here you will be obliged to say ‘North Macedonia’ and not ‘Macedonia’; this is the most important thing for us.”

Source ANA-MPA
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