Pavlopoulos stresses importance of unity in meeting national targets

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, in his message for the New Year, stressed the importance of unity among the Greek people to meet national goals.

Wishing the country good health, strength and creativity, Pavlopoulos noted that at this critical juncture, Greece has a duty to meet three targets in accordance with the history, culture and prospects of the nation, respect of the EU edifice and the protection of national issues and the law.

The first target, Pavlopoulos said, is the task of steadfastly serving the progress of the country, while he stressed that Greeks have a duty to know that social creativity can only bring results when the members of the community as a whole feel protected against all the undemocratic elements that attempt to undermine social peace and social cohesion.

The second target concerns the European perspective and mission of Greece. The Greeks have proved their commitment to Europe, the President stressed, after they chose to stay in the European family, even at the price of heavy sacrifices.

The third target concerns the protection of national issues and rights.

“Our history has proved that the forces of Greece are literally inexhaustible as long as we believe in them and, above all, do not forget that the foundation of our nation’s creation was, is and will be our unity,” Pavlopoulos stated.

Source ANA-MPA
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