Marina Chrysoveloni: Greeks will re-elect this government

“I believe that the citizens will give this government another four years to complete the outstanding work that is currently underway,” Deputy Interior Minister Marina Chrysoveloni, a member of cabinet drawn from the ranks of the government’s junior coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL), stressed on Friday in an interview.

“The Independent Greeks support the work of the government,” Chrysoveloni said, noting that “we ought to give what we promised to the citizens, we have to improve their daily lives and we must continue our efforts to combat corruption and deliver justice.”

Chrysoveloni said that “the situation the current government was called to handle was the product of mistaken choices and catastrophic policies of the past,” and added: “When the citizens are called to vote, they will have to decide whether they want a continuation of this course of recovery on firm tracks laid down by this government or whether they want to place their trust in those who had led the country to disaster.”

Asked whether she is concerned that main opposition New Democracy might table a motion of censure against the government over the FYROM name issue, the deputy minister said underlined that ANEL will not support any motion of censure tabled by the main opposition.

Source ANA-MPA
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