Christos Mantas: “We must proceed to elections amid calmess”

“We have to proceed to elections through calmness and tranquility,” SYRIZA parliamentary spokesman Christos Mantas said on Thursday in an interview.

After expressing his concern about the bomb explosion in Kolonaki earlier in the day, Mantas stressed that “whatever the political system, we must stand against any attempts to create a climate of concern and we must condemn any actions undermining this necessary democratic regularity needed in order to proceed to elections whenever they are held.”

Mantas estimated that parliamentary elections will be held in autumn. Asked whether the FYROM name issue could speed up the elections, he said that provided that the issue closes in the neighbouring country, “we will all be faced with a historical challenge; solving a long-standing problem for both countries and concluding an agreement that gives prospect in terms of peace, cooperation and co-development.”

Source ANA-MPA
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