Giorgos Koumoutsakos: Any questioning of international law or status quo in the Aegean is unacceptable

New Democracy (ND) shadow foreign minister Giorgos Koumoutsakos sent a double message to Turkey after the conclusion of the meeting of the National Council of Foreign Policy on Friday.

“Any questioning of the international law and the status quo in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean is not acceptable, and Ankara should neither use nor think that by generating the current tension it can create conditions forcing Greece to any kind of negotiation,” Koumoutsakos said, adding, “We want dialogue, but this dialogue can’t be the product of a specific political increase of tension.”

He also said that no one in Greece should, either directly or indirectly, on purpose or by accident, in any way support this kind of mentality from the other side of the Aegean.

Referring to the FYROM name issue,  Koumoutsakos said that ND asked for a clear answer from the government on its next steps concerning the Prespes Agreement.

Koumoutsakis noted in addition that Athens’ message and stance to Tirana should be totally clear and specific in terms of Albania’s obligation to respect the human rights of the Greek minority in the country. He also underlined that the course of the Greek-Albanian relations includes the agreement on the designation of the sea zones, saying that ND and the other opposition parties could not take a stance, as they are all totally in the dark on the specific agreement between the two countries.

Finally, he said that the current condition of a part-time Foreign Minister can’t continue, particularly when there is tension in matters of national foreign policy and national safety lately.

Source ANA-MPA
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