European citizens must make responsible choices in view of election, says Christophe Chantepy

European citizens and governments need to make responsible choices in the European election, Ambassador of France in Greece Christophe Chantepy told journalists invited at the Ambassador’s residence to exchange seasonal greeting.

Chantepy said that, due to the forthcoming election, 2019 will be a crucial year for Europe, as European citizens need to choose whether they want to improve their European house or if they want to split it into independent flats.
The French Ambassador also referred to certain instances when European governments show hesitation when called on to make responsible European choices, and said that the doubt they thus put forward is internalised by the people.

In conclusion, Chantepy quoted a French saying according to which “there is no love, only proof of love”, and said that the citizens of Europe expect from their governments to prove their love for Europe. Finally, Chantepy expressed his solidarity for the recent terrorist attack on the offices of SKAI TV and Kathimerini newspaper.

Source ANA-MPA
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