Thessaloniki to become first Mediterranean city to get around on Lime scooters

The citizens of Thessaloniki will be the first residents of a Mediterranean city to have the opportunity to get about on the hired electric scooters offered by the Lime company, which they can locate and unlock with the help of an application on their mobile phones. The scooters will unlock for 1 euro (plus 0,15 cents for each minute of use). They are provided by the ‘smart mobility’ transport company Lime, already present in 140 cities, which chose the city of Thessaloniki to introduce itself to the countries of the Mediterranean.

The dock-free scooters come equipped with GPS, wifi technology and automatic locking and can be parked anywhere. Users locate the scooter that closest to them via the Lime mobile app and, after reaching their destination, simply park the scooter in a location where the next user can pick it up. The scooter can move at a max speed of 25km/hour and operates on an rechargeable electric battery, while according to the company it is suitable for all ages. The scooters are then collected during the night for recharging and are available for use from 08:00 to 21:00.

Source ANA-MPA
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