Huge investment opportunities in RES sector, Energy Minister Stathakis says

Major investment opportunities in the sector of renewable energy sources open via the long-term energy planning programme drawn by the Greek government, which foresees the increase of the energy productions from renewable energy sources (RES) by 56 pct until 2030, said Energy Minister George Stathakis speaking at a seminar in Athens organised by the Embassy of Finland and Wartsila Corporation, on Thursday.

He said that the important shift of the energy to RES creates the conditions for investments that may reach 32 billion euros until 2030.

Stathakis said that today, 29 pct of the electric energy in Greece is produced by RES, 27 pct by natural gas and 28 pct by lignite and coal. The goal is the increase of the electric energy productions from RES by 56 pct until 2030 and the reduction of the lignite and coal share to 17 pct.

“We have legislated the innovative framework of Energy Communities that will allow the active participation of citizens, municipalities, regions and other interested that traditionally remained idle, to the energy transition procedure. We seek to offer a better choice in the supply of consumers, to reduce the energy fares and to give them the opportunity to meet their energy needs. After a huge and unprecedented crisis, the Greek economy is recovering. We are totally committed to make this recovery strong and sustainable”, concluded Stathakis.

Source ANA-MPA
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