Ambassador of Ukraine Shutenko hosts reception for 27th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence

The Embassy of Ukraine to Greece on Monday evening celebrated the 27th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian ambassador Sergii Shutenko and his wife held a reception and welcomed their guests at the central Athens hotel.

“Twenty-seven years are a relatively short time from a historical point of view but Ukraine has covered a difficult course in almost three decades from a totalitarian system to democracy and an open economy,” said the Ukrainian envoy in his speech.

He also said that during that last four and a half years “the Ukrainians are going through an ordeal due to the economic crisis and the war” and put the blame on “Russia’s aggressiveness”.

Referring to relations with Greece, he said: “Last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Greece and Ukraine and during this period we have make significant progress based on real friendship and mutual respect and on the common cultural and spiritual heritage”.

He made a special reference to the Greeks that live in Ukraine, noting that “since Ukraine gained its independence, the national-cultural activity of the numerous Greek community in Ukraine has revived. There are many public associations in several parts of the country that are members of the federation of the Greek communities in Ukraine with their centre in the city of Mariupol. Today, the Greek language is taught in over 40 schools and in state universities”.

Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Markos Bolaris, foreign ambassadors, diplomats, members of the Ukrainian community in Greece and members of the Orthodox Church attended the event.

Source ANA-MPA
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