Papandreou,Tsakalotos and Papadimoulis among signatories of letter urging Corbyn to revoke Brexit

Socialist International President George Papandreou, President of of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament Udo Bullman, Greece’s Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos and MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis are among signatories of an open letter to British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbin, urging him to revoke article 50 and reverse Brexit immediately.

In an open letter to the Guardian signed by 69 deputies and members of the European Parliament among others, the signatories expressed their belief in a united Europe and urged Corbyn “to work with us for the future of our continent” by spearheading EU reforms.

Citing the trend of rising fascism in Europe, the prevailing of corporate interests and of the creed of austerity over the rights of citizens, climate change and the drowning deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean, the writers of the appeal said they have “deep misgivings about the dominant institutions of the European Union, and what they have become over the past three decades”. Yet, they said, “we are not ready to surrender this once great project to those who would subvert it. To do so would betray its creators, whose values we cherish.”

In addition, they said, surrendering would leave countries weakened and isolated. “There is no answer to any of these questions that is not transnational. There is no way that our frustrated fellow citizens will feel represented unless they can be heard at European and global levels.”

Britain, they said, is needed in the EU, and could “become a catalyst for a different Euorpe, providing new and necessary momentum for true progressive change.”

Concluding their brief appeal to Corbyn, the MEPs and deputies said, “We would ask you to demand that the decision to trigger article 50 is revoked, in light of the recent opinion from the advocate general to the European court of justice, and allow the people’s voice to be heard before Brexit becomes irreversible. We hope that the Labour party will spearhead such an initiative and join us in embarking on a programme of Europe-wide transformation.”

The open letter referred to a recent opinion by the advocate general to the European court of justice, who told the court the UK could revoke article 50 independently, without needing the permission of every other EU member state. In a separate article, the Guardian cited the court’s advocate general, Campos S?nchez-Bordona, as saying that British MPs could stop the Brexit process if they wished, dismissing the British government’s claims that the issue was hypothetical.

Source ANA-MPA
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