PM’s Press Office: Theodorakis must clarify his stance on Prespes Agreement

The prime minister’s press office on Sunday called on the leader of Potami party Stavros Theodorakis to clarify whether he had changed his position concerning support for the Prespes Agreement, in response to press reports alleging that Theodorakis had struck a secret deal with main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

According to the press office’s announcement, Theodorakis’ response to the articles was amusing “but did not reply regarding the essence of the issue”.

“We observe with interest that two Sunday newspaper today devote their front pages to Mr. Stavros Theodorakis and the possibility that he may change his stance,” the PM’s press office said, while adding: “It is of even greater interest to us that he has chosen to comment, albeit humourously, only as regards the possibility that he may have received something in exchange for changing stance and not about the essence of the issue.”

Noting that they would have expected a reply about the essence of the reports, the press release asks Theodorakis to reveal whether he has changed his stance of initial support for the deal and, if so, to reveal his reasons. It also notes that any concerns that this might give rises to issues of ‘a Slavomacedonian minority’ are “laughable” since anyone reading the Agreement can see that it lays to rest any discussion about a minority.

Source ANA-MPA
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