Association of Clergymen meets with Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos

A delegation of the Holy Association of Greek Clergymen met on Friday with Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos to discuss the framework of the proposed agreement between the Greek State and the Church.

“The agreement will be reviewed and it will go back to the Hierarchy, which will look at it. The Hierarchy can approve, make changes or reject it. If it proceeds we will discuss it again,” stated Ieronymos after the end of the meeting, adding that “we never had been at odds with the ordinary clergy. They are our eyes and hands and we can’t do without them.”

According to sources, Ieronymos underlined to the clergy that “I have been fighting for these rights for 50 years, they are always a priority” and gave them a written document stating that every part of the agreement will be constitutionally guaranteed.

Moreover, the Archbishop said that there had recently been too many conspiracy theories and too much loose talk. “Much has been said that does not reflect the truth. What was said during the meeting is that we agree with what the Hierarchy decided, namely to continue the dialogue with the State and to form a committee in which the priests will also participate, with aim of protecting their rights,” he stated.

On his part the president of the Association Georgios Sellis expressed satisfaction over the meeting with Ieronymos, noting that they will wait for the committee’s decisions and explained that there is no conflict with the Archbishop: “We always stand next to the Hierarchy and the Archbishop because we have a common aim.”

Source ANA-MPA
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