According to Finance Ministry’s source, Greek fiscal progress seen as ‘positive’ at Eurogroup meeting

Greece’s fiscal progress was seen as “positive” at Monday’s Eurogroup, according to a source of the Greek Finance Ministry.

The first quarterly report of the enhanced post-program surveillance for Greece was presented during the first part of the meeting, the source said. This was followed by Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos’ comments, and there were no other comments from other Eurogroup members.

Overall, “the review of Greece’s fiscal progress was positive,” the source said, adding that in terms of reforms note was made of “the areas in which the Greek side continues to work methodically, with the dateline of the next report on February 27, 2019.”

When the fiscal budgets of eurozone member-states were being discussed, “there was no reference made to Greece’s budget,” the source said, while it was noted that following the completion of its fiscal program Greece is now “fully incorporated in the normal European fiscal process.”

Source ANA-MPA
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