Sokratis Famellos: Impasses that led to huge tragedy in Mati will not be repeated

The impasses that led to the major tragedy and disaster in Mati in July 2018 will not be repeated, Alternate Environment Minister Sokratis Famellos said in parliament on Wednesday, presenting an amendment on building regulations in the restoration of the fire-stricken areas in eastern Attica.

“The restoration of the area will be carried out in a way that will protect the distinctive character of the area with an improvement to the quality of the way of life, by abolishing all the compounding and negative conditions that had arisen and factors, such as the anarchic to nonexistent access to roads and circulation networks, the uneven distribution of the building reserves and constructions, the degradation of areas and especially the coastline”.

He said that the issue of building permits is suspended and building banned in areas that are crucial for the urban planning, while incentives will be given for the immediate opening of roads and also for the construction of a safe road network. Moreover, buildings that are in forest areas will be removed and the procedures for the completion of the road network accelerated, as will the delivery of parts of the coastline designated by the special urban plan as passages to the sea and areas for pedestrians.

“The aim is the formation of a man-made environment in the areas focused on the protection of human life, which were lacking in the previous development of the area. “The same impasses that led and contributed to the huge tragedy in Mati will not be repeated,” said Famellos.

Source ANA-MPA
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