US ends Erdoğan’s plans for the new rise of the Ottoman Empire

The Americans are creating an ‘Isolated Zone’ across Syria’s northern border with Turkey. This ‘Isolated Zone’ will be guarded by American observation posts.
With this move the Americans are creating a “protective shield” between the Syrian Kurds and the Turks.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announced that observation posts are being installed and this decision has already triggered the fierce reaction of Ankara.
The creation of this dead zone by the Americans is putting a definite end to the threats and the plans of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to invade Northern Syria east of Euphrates (has already invaded Syria west of Euphrates) and occupy the whole Northern Syria, that is the Syrian West Kurdistan (Rojava).

With this decision, the Americans clearly protect the freedom of the Kurds that has been gained with blood, fighting against the Islamic State, and also clearly end the neo-Ottoman plans of Erdoğan for the expansion of Turkey to the borders defined by the Turkish “National Oath”.

The Americans draw two red lines for Erdoğan. One is in Syria and the other in the EEZ of Cyprus. “You shall not pass”, they tell him.

The observation posts across the Syrian Kurdish boarders will be manned by the American soldiers already in Syria.

On Thursday, Kurdish websites wrote that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are under Kurdish command, reached an agreement with the US-led Coalition (member of which is also Greece) for the Coalition to protect its Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian allies that form SDF and have liberated the territories east of Euphrates.
This agreement between SDF and the Coalition will be renewed every two years.

It is obvious that the United States and their allies have decided to defend the freedom and possibly the self-determination of the Kurds and their SDF allies against the Turks and the Syrian regime.

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