Strong alliance between Greece-US in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean

The improved, from both sides, relation of Athens-Washington enters a new phase with the “strategic dialogue between Greece-US” that will start on the 13th of December in the American capital under the American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. What is the “strategic dialogue”? It covers all the levels of cooperation with the Americans, like for example defense, security, energy, trade, investments; a diplomatic source explained to The Greek Observer (TGO) adding that with this “strategic dialogue” our country enters the “club” of close friends of the US. Very few countries, even among the US allies, have these relations; the same source outlined. The Greek envoy that will go to the American capital will be formed by top Greek officials who are experts in the issues that will be discussed.

On the subject of the impressive improvement of the Greek-American relations commented Alexis Tsipras during his latest TV interview. The Greek Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs confirmed that there is indeed a cooperation because the United States of America is a vital partner, a very important country; explaining though that Greece enters this cooperation with a sense of mutual respect and partnership.

The Prime Minister noted that we are not looking for protectors because Greece is also an important country. Of course, not the size of the United States of America but Greece is important too. On the geopolitical chessboard, Alexis Tsipras continued, Greece has a crucial position on the crossroad between three continents. So, the doctrine that we follow, Alexis Tsipras said, in our foreign policy is a multidimensional doctrine and active foreign policy. Which means that we take the advantages that we can to the fullest extend from our strategic relation with the United States, but at the same time we keep open communication with Russia, we have relations with the Arab world, we form strategic alliances and relations with crucial countries in the Southeastern Mediterranean, so it is a multidimensional and active foreign policy that aims to multiply the gains from the dominant geopolitical position of our country. However, the Prime Minister made clear that there are no new (American) bases and they (the Americans) have not asked for new.

A diplomatic source said to The Greek Observer (TGO) that the government – with Nikos Kotzias in a key role – has laid the foundation for this strategic cooperation. Of course, the Greek public opinion was positive too as it has improved regarding the US during the years of the memorandums. The same source outlined, and it is of great importance, that this bilateral cooperation is outside NATO.

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