Nikola Dimitrov: Our efforts on Prespes Agreement are aligned

“In many ways we are on the same ship and our efforts are aligned,” FYROM Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said on the prospect of concluding the Prespes Agreement.

In his statements in the framework of the 4th Ministerial Meeting of Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and FYROM, Dimitrov appreciated that it is a matter of weeks “to create a future by solving great historical issues”. He noted that “the difficulties we face and what we see in Greece prove that we have reached a good compromise covering the most important issues and concerns of both sides and we remain committed to the conclusion of the agreement.”

Asked about the progress of the works of the Greek-FYROM Joint Interdisciplinary Committee of Experts on Historical, Archaeological and Educational Issues, under Article 8 of the Prespes Agreement, Dimitrov said: “The Committee had a very productive and a constructive meeting in Thessaloniki and will meet soon – at the end of the year or early next. They approved the methodology of the work and I think the climate and atmosphere of the first meeting were very encouraging.”

Regarding the agenda of the issues at the ministerial meeting, he explained that ways of solving problems, along with the strengthening of political relations and building friendship, were discussed “in order to open up the prospects for our companies, our economy and cooperation to produce concrete results that citizens can understand.”

“This climate will help us get even closer and in political terms have more normal, more common relationships because the world becomes more interesting. I think that what we have managed to achieve is very encouraging. We are part of an area that is very rich in history, but we show that we can also have a future that can solve our problems,” he said.

Source ANA-MPA
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