In the presence of Fannon, ExxonMobil started the drilling in the EEZ of Cyprus – The Islamic regime of Erdoğan in despair

In the presence of the US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources, Francis Fannon, in Cyprus, the ExxonMobil – Qatar Petroleum drilling started on Friday 16 November in Block 10 in the EEZ of Cyprus, at the target Delphyne-1. Mr Fannon arrived in Cyprus from Israel en route to Egypt.

The high level American official sent a clear message to Ankara, both with his presence and his statements, that US means every word of the firm warning to Turkey to stay away from the EEZ of Cyprus. Mr Fannon reiterated US’ support for Cyprus’ sovereign rights within its EEZ, announcing from Nicosia that the United States recognise the right of the Republic of Cyprus to exploit the natural wealth of the island and that does not change.

The confession that the Americans have messaged the Turks to stay aside was made from the Turkish President himself. Speaking to reporters, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, after saying that on the issue of Eastern Mediterranean the interests are in conflict, he admitted that there is cooperation between the Greek Cypriots and the American ExxonMobil. The Americans have an attitude “just don’t go in there and apart from that you can do anything”. On that subject, we say to our friends the necessary words, we tell them “do not push us, do not corner us”, Erdoğan said.

Afterwards, the Islamic regime of Ankara tried to “rectify” the impressions created by the confession of the “cornering”. Answering to the statement made by the State Department official that “the US discourages any actions or rhetoric that increase tensions in the region”, Turkey answered with the same bravado that impresses no one anymore. On Thursday, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu made implications about even a war in the Aegean and the EEZ of Cyprus, while the Turkish Energy and Natural Resources minister, Fatih Donmez, announced, during an illegal visit to the occupied North Cyprus, that without a political resolution the Blocks that the Greek Cypriot side licensed are not valid for his country. “Turkey will protect its rights and the rights of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus [as he called the occupied northern part of Cyprus] until the end and against those who attempt to take unilateral, illegitimate steps that are unfair to Turkey”, Fatih Donmez said according to Turkey’s Hurriyet daily. So, Fatih Donmez threatened that Turkey will declare “illegal” the activities of the Republic of Cyprus, the US and France in the EEZ of Cyprus.

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