Is the evidence authentic in the case of Khashoggi or the facts are made up to incriminate Prince Mohammed?

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan holds on the “Khashoggi story” because it grants him positive media exposure to the international media that normally present him as a dictator or an Islamist tyrant.

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, claimed with his new statements that the recorded material connected to the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and that Turkey shared with its west allies, is “appalling” and shocked a Saudi intelligence official that heard it, as the Turkish media reported on Tuesday.

Of course the Saudi official has not been named and may very well be an imaginary creature.
Khashoggi, the Islamist journalist, member of the Muslim Brotherhood as it is called, personal friend of Osama Bin Laden and outspoken critic of the pro-Western reformer and de facto leader of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was murdered inside the embassy of his country in Istanbul six weeks ago and Erdoğan had publicly announced that his assassination was ordered by the highest levels of the government of Riyadh.

Erdoğan has a good knowledge of similar incidents. He has imprisoned dozens of thousands dissidents, a fact that lately is being overlooked because he portraits himself to be the protector of the Islamic freedom of speech in the face of Khashoggi, while hundreds of Turkish dissidents have been tortured, raped and some died mysteriously in the Turkish prisons.

Here comes Erdoğan now and points the finger to Saudi Arabia, trying to show that he is what exactly? The Westerner that he is not? The educated that he is not? The philanthropist?

He was telling stories to the journalists again on his plane

Erdoğan told reporters on his plane returning from a weekend visit to Paris that he discussed the assassination of Khashoggi with the US, French and German leaders during their dinner in Paris.
“We played the recordings regarding this murder to everyone who wanted them from us. Our intelligence organisation did not hide anything. We played them to all who wanted them including the Saudis, the USA, France, Canada, Germany, Britain,” he said.

“The recordings are really appalling. Indeed when the Saudi intelligence officer listened to the recordings he was so shocked he said: ‘This one must have taken heroin, only someone who takes heroin would do this’”, he added.

“The tape is really terrible,” Erdoğan said, according to Posta. “Moreover, the Saudi intelligence officer was so shocked he said, ‘Perhaps he took heroin, only someone who took heroin can do that.’”
“Yes the man was shocked when he heard it, and this is the truth,” Erdoğan said according to another daily, Yeni Safak.

How do we know that the recordings are real though?

The fact that the Turkish are making people listen to a “disturbing interrogation” that is supposedly Khashoggi’s does not prove that the audio document is real.

What evidence has the Turkish intelligence presented for the authenticity of the recordings?
Obviously, no evidence. They just put a “tape” to play and they demand it to be considered as a true fact.A “tape” that they could have made themselves, simple as that.

Erdoğan, a “Sherlock Holmes” apart from an “international leader”

President Erdoğan – who for those who don’t know it, when he is not bombarding Kurdish cities and pray to Allah afterwards to forgive him for his crimes, as another Sherlock Holmes solves the unsolved cases of the Turkish Police, it is something like a… hobby for his majesty’s brilliance (we are obviously being sarcastic) – said to the reporters on his plane that it is obvious that the murder was premeditated and the order came from the highest level of the Saudi government but he clarified also that he doesn’t think that King Salman, for whom he has “limitless respect”, knew about it.

“It is obvious that this murder was previously planned and that the order had come from high-level authorities in Saudi Arabia,”

“The Crown Prince says, ‘I am going to clarify the incident and do what is necessary’. The Crown Prince tells this to my special representatives, and we are waiting patiently.” Erdoğan said adding that the assassins are among the 18 suspects that are held in Saudi Arabia.

“It must be revealed who gave them [the Saudi team] the order to murder,” he added.
On Tuesday, the Turkish pro-government newspaper Sabah published photos of what it said were x-rays of the Saudi assassination team’s luggage when they left Istanbul via Atatürk airport. They showed syringes, electric shock devices, large scissors, staple guns, walkie-talkies and a signal jammer. The bags were not searched because the men were travelling under diplomatic immunity.

Erdoğan has not revealed the details of the recordings but two sources who know the case said to Reuters that Turkey has various recordings.
These recordings include the assassination itself and talks before the operation, which Turkey afterwards disclosed, the sources said.

This material, which can of course be totally made up, led Ankara to the conclusion, since the first stages of the investigation, that the killing was planned despite Riyadh’s initial denial that they were involved in this case or knew anything about it.

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia’s top prosecutor, Saud al-Mojeb, released the findings of a long-awaited investigation, saying that a team of Saudi agents dispatched to Istanbul with orders to bring Khashoggi home alive had instead killed the journalist and dismembered his body.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince had no knowledge of the operation, Shaalan al-Shaalan, a spokesman for the prosecutor, said at a news conference in Riyadh.

“Prosecutor Saud al-Mojeb’s conclusion — that the killing was authorized by relatively low-level officials who disobeyed orders and acted on the fly — contradicted assertions by Turkish investigators, who have said it was a meticulously planned operation, with elaborate preparations to cover up the crime that included scouting locations where Khashoggi’s body could be disposed of in secret.”, according to Washington Post.

It is good that the Saudis’ don’t buy Erdoğan’s bluffs.

Most probably, Erdoğan does not have any evidence and all this time he has been fabricating evidence to incriminate the crown prince, whom he sees as a big threat for his neo-ottoman dreams.
Prince Mohammed, in the past, had characterised Erdoğan’s Turkey as a big evil alongside the Islamic terrorism.

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