“Stay away from Cyprus” was the message given by the US to Turkey

“Stay away from Cyprus” was the message given by the US to Turkey – The Islamic regime is being isolated as a destabilization factor in the Mediterranean.

In despair the Islamic regime of the Muslim Brotherhood, that is expressed in Turkey by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is trying to create the impression of “grey areas” in the EEZ of Cyprus, at a time that the Americans have firmly messaged them to stay away from Cyprus, while on Tuesday they made them leave the Summit on Libya in Palermo.

“Grey areas” in the EEZ of Cyprus

The Turkish press agency Anadolu, with a telegraph that was announcing that drilling will begin on the 15th of November, mentioned that the ExxonMobil drillship will start drilling on the 15th of November and although Block 10 (in the Cypriot EEZ) is not in conflict with the Turkish EEZ (the illegal) and the EEZ of TRNC (the self-declared state of Northern Cyprus), Ankara is against the unilateral drilling activity of the Greek Cypriots that are violating the rights of TRNC.

It adds that the NAVTEX issued by the Republic of Cyprus is valid until the 25th February 2019.

According to Anadolu, the ExxonMobil drillship will commence the unilateral drilling of hydrocarbons for the “Greek Cypriot administration” as they refer to the Republic of Cyprus.

The telegraph of the agency mentions also that when the ENI drillship went there for drilling it was stopped by the Turkish navy, claiming that the area of drilling was in the supposed EEZ of Turkey. It claims also that Blocks 1,4,5,6 and 7 are in conflict with the Turkish EEZ.

Beaten by the Americans

As it became known on Tuesday, the Americans messaged the Turks to stay away from the EEZ of Cyprus. Erdogan confessed so himself too.

On the issue of Eastern Mediterranean, the interests are in conflict. There is the cooperation of the Greek Cypriots with the American ExxonMobil. The Americans have an attitude “just don’t go in there and apart from that you can do anything”, the Turkish President said.

According to Hurriyet, the Turkish President said that they start from the north first as it is known.

He also noted that Turkey has two drillships and two research ships and he explained that one of the drillships will explore the East Mediterranean Sea and the other the Black Sea.

He said that their research ships already continue and will continue in the same decisive way. Alongside them, the necessary security measures have been taken.

On that subject, we say to our friends the necessary words, we tell them “do not push us, do not corner us”, Erdogan said in despair.

They were also thrown out of the Summit on Libya

Major confirmation that Turkey is being excluded from the developments in Eastern Mediterranean, because of their pirate resembling attitude, is the sad, for the Turkish diplomacy, development in Palermo on Tuesday.

The Turkish representation in Palermo, at the Summit on Libya, was denied access in certain talks.

We remind that the previous days the Islamic regime presented maps to the officials of Libya according to which Greece is violating the EEZ of Libya, trying in this way to undermine the EEZ boundaries of Greece, Egypt and Cyprus, directly undermining the interests and the energy safety of the West.

Turkey withdraw “deeply dissatisfied” from the two days international summit on Libya that took place in Palermo, Italy, the Vice President of Turkey, Fuat Oktay, announced on Tuesday to the media, complaining about Ankara’s exclusion, as he said, from certain talks.

Any meeting that excludes Turkey cannot be but counterproductive in resolving the problem, he said in Palermo where the two days summit on Libya was taking place in order to discuss a peace-making plan of the UN for the stabilization of the north African country which is in turmoil since 2011.

Turkey has also been accused for supporting the jihadist gangs in Libya.

Part of the problem

Erdogan’s Islamic regime is directly faced as part of the problem. Turkey’s disrespect for the International Law, the aggressiveness of their speech and attitude towards Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt; the support of the jihadists in Syria, Egypt and Libya, their destabilizing interference in the Balkans, the undermining of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the continuous threats for the occupation of Northern Syria and North Iraq with the excuse of fighting the Kurdish patriots – who are supported by the West – and finally their hysteric anti-American propaganda is an openly aggressive attitude that cannot be accepted anymore, because accepting it only makes Turkey more arrogant, at the same time that Ankara is not hiding that they prefer to “agree” with Moscow and Tehran.

The Islamists of Turkey that are of low social and educational level, people superstitious and sly, are collapsing under the weight of their immodest arrogance and their ideas of bringing back to life the Ottoman Empire and the caliphate, abolishing the Treaty of Lausanne and threatening the west way of living, the democracy and the civilization.

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