Macron’s lack of respect for the winners of WWI

The events organized in Paris for the celebration of the 100 years from the end of World War One, organized by Emmanuel Macron, succeeded in offending the winners and promoting – as if the war was solely between them – France and Germany.

Instead of celebrating the peace that was achieved and the affiliation between the nations that were fighting each other, as should have been obviously, the French Presidency chose to organize a celebration for the globalization and the European Union to “annoy” Donald Trump. For that reason, the protagonists of that war were neglected and were “lost” among the 80 nations invited by Mr. Macron in his capital, most of which had nothing to do with the Great War or did not even exist at the time. Mr. Macron was rude to the winners, misrepresenting history, devaluing their blood sacrifice, equaling them with nations that were totally irrelevant with the deadly war and projecting as great achievement the benefits of a United Europe, that is, however the result of the Second World War and not the First.

One would expect that the winners and the defeated would have at least the formal – honorable recognition for their participation. That at the central table of the French President they would dine together, winners and defeated, at an “amicable meal” and that at the parade in Paris they would stand next to each other, winners and defeated, on the first row with the other heads of states sending the same message of amity.

These did not happen. The tables were set based on public relations or on individual wishes and the winning nations like Greece, were nowhere to be seen.

The winners of the First World War were Great Britain, France, the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Serbia, the Kingdom of Romania, the Kingdom of Montenegro, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Greece, US, Japan and the Republic of China. The defeated were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.

Sixteen were the countries that should have been honored separately. That never happened.

Especially in the case of Greece, the French attitude was unacceptable.

The Greek President Alexis Tsipras not only didn’t receive any of the honors suitable for his country, but during the Paris Peace Forum that followed he participated in a “master class” discussion with his counterparts from the Czech Republic, Armenia and Palestine, three countries that did not even exist during the First World War, and the state of Palestine is not recognized by Greece.

The decision for Greece to speak in the same group with the above three countries was probably by chance and hopefully not the result of some “classification”.

Nevertheless, someone should have thought in advance, among the French organizers and Greece, that Greece does not recognize the state of Palestine. Of course, maybe, for some the relations between Greece and Israel are not that important and can be “tested” even for non-important things, like Macron’s Forum.

For those who would like to know, during the First World War the Czech Republic was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire while Armenia and Palestine were under the Ottoman Empire.

Macron and Merkel were the ones under the spotlight, parading holding hands and hugging each other cutely in front of the photographers, while history taught us that if it wasn’t for the US and Britain, France would have surrendered, just as it happened during World War Two after all, for it to be freed again by the Americans and the Brits.

Indeed, it was not only the Greeks who disappeared from Mr. Macron’s celebrations but also the Serbians, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Italians, the British and there was an attempt to disgrace the Americans in the face of their President.

On the other hand, the great losers, the Germans and the Turks, that caused the war, were exceptionally honored sitting at the table of the French President.

To complete our historic memories, we present the century-old photograph when the Greek army was marching in Paris along with the other winners of the First World War. Because history cannot be changed.

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