“BlueGrowth Piraeus” innovation contest to be held on December 3

The “BlueGrowth Piraeus” innovation contest will be held in Greece’s largest port for the 5th consecutive year on December 3, at the Municipal Theater.

The event, which will open at 17:30, is an initiative of the Municipality of Piraeus in collaboration with Aephoria and has won awards locally and internationally.

Candidates will have the opportunity to present their ideas to the jury committee consisting of BlueGrowth consultants and public representatives while the voting process will showcase the most popular ideas. The winners will gain access to services and a network of people as well as international networking opportunities, in collaboration with leading organizations and agencies, supported by Aephoria and BlueGrowth.

The municipal consellor of local economic development and entrepreneurship of the municipality of Piraeus and head of the “BlueGrowth Piraeus” marine innovation institute, Petros Kokkalis, stated that BlueGrowth’s vision is to inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs to create a sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the blue economy.

“Our goal is that the day after the competition marks the beginning of a new idea that will embody the essence and true meaning of BlueGrowth: authenticity, creativity, innovation and cooperation,” noted Kokkalis, noting that the group of BlueGrowth, together with Aephoria and mentors will be at the disposal of the participants for any needs or challenges that come up.

Those interested in submitting proposals can do so online at: www.bluegrowth.gr by November 12.

Source ANA-MPA
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