According to ELSTAT, 76.1 pct of Greek households have broadband connection

Α 76.5 pct of Greek households have access to the Internet this year, up 7.8 pct from 2017, for a spectacular 100.8 pct increase in the last decade (2009-2018), Hellenic Statistical Authority said in a report released on Thursday.

The report said that 76.1 pct of households used broadband connection, with 96.6 pct of Internet users using the Internet on a regular basis, at least once a week, and a 90.5 pct of regular users using the Internet for more than twice a week.

Smart phones were used by 81.2 pct of the population (aged 16-74) to access the Internet, of which 76.5 pct accessing the Internet mobile (outside home and work), up 1.6 pct compared with 2017, of which 72.2 pct used a smart phone, 16.5 pct a laptop, 12.7 pct tablets and 0.9 pct any other device (media player, gaming machine, smart watch etc).

The most common use of the Internet was seeking information and services (89.4 pct), followed by e-mail (75.3 pct), social media (73.4 pct), music (72 pct), health information (65.2 pct), video calls (61.1 pct), free video (59.3 pct), bank transactions (37.8 pct), games (31.2 pct), Internet TV (17.1 pct), video on demand (10.6 pct), on health service reservations (9.8 pct) and sale of goods and services through auctions (4.6 pct).

Source ANA-MPA
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