VISA Solidarity programme supported over 850,000 people in past three years

The VISA Solidarity programme, which aims to support people in need, has so far supported more than 850,000 people.


This action by Visa and the associated banks has provided much-needed relief for all types of vulnerable people in need and for all those struggling to live with dignity and secure a better future.

Some of the actions that took place during the year included: support for infants, children and their families through the operation of kindergartens, outdoor activities, nutrition, medical coverage, psychological support and medical equipment for hospitals. The programme also made a substantive contribution to job support programmes and covered the cost of independent living for people with disabilities.

Nikos Kampanopoulos, general manager of Visa Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus, said that the programme has proved the value of cooperation and trust for a desired outcome. “We work closely with communities and organisations to support critical needs and to create labour and business workforce. This is our culture,” he added.

Source ANA-MPA