Government income-related initiatives to trickle down to Greek families, says Skourletis

Reductions in property taxes and insurance contributions and the increase of the lowest salary range, among the government’s plans, will benefit the majority of Greeks, Panos Skourletis, Syriza Central Committee chairman, said on Wednesday.

“This period will be the government’s most productive one; in addition, it will be the most positive one for the greatest section of Greek society,” Skourletis said.

He added that the pension reductions, set to kick in on January 1, will not happen and said that the Greek people “will see the measures reflected in their own lives.”

He said that the Greece-FYROM agreement would pass once it comes to Parliament, as “everything indicates the needed majority is there,” and spoke of the government’s initiatives towards a constitutional revision. One of its issues targets the law protecting ministers from prosecution and the status of public utilities and collective labor agreements, he noted.

Source ANA-MPA
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