George Koumoutsakos: Kotzias will be remembered for ‘nationally damaging’ Prespes Agreement

Departing from the foreign ministry, former minister Nikos Kotzias left a legacy of open issues, damaging handling of major foreign policy affairs and the mismanagement of the foreign ministry itself, main opposition New Democracy shadow foreign minister George Koumoutsakos commented on Saturday.

“The final tally of the Kotzias term will go down in history and in the minds of the Greeks for the nationally damaging Prespes Agreement and concession of a ‘Macedonian’ nationality and language to Skopje,” Koumoutsakos said, while he also criticised Kotzias’ announcement of plans to extend Greece’s territorial waters.

“Apart from the above and in confirmation of them, an extremely important announcement for the country’s foreign policy, the selective expansion of its territorial waters, was today made in an offhand and fragmentary manner, during the foreign ministry handover ceremony. It once again confirms the lack of seriousness and sense of responsibility. Regarding the essence of the announcement, we await a full and official briefing on so serious an issue before expressing a position, guided always by the broader interests of the country,” he said.

Source ANA-MPA
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