Tsipras in Brussels for ASEM and European Council meeting

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will visit Brussels on Wednesday for the proceedings of the ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) and European Council meeting.

The European Council’s schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 17/10

19:00 Arrival of leaders

20:00 European Council on Brexit and dinner.

Thursday 18/10

09:30 Arrival of leaders

10:30 Exchange of views with the President of the European Parliament

11:00 Working meeting of the European Council

14:00 Lunch meeting

16:30 Press conference after the end of the European Council

The programme of the Asia-Europe Summit is as follows:

Thursday 18/10

18:00 Arrival of heads of delegations outside the EU

20:00 Official reception of the heads of delegations by Presidents Tusk and Juncker

20:25 Opening ceremony

22:00 Official dinner

Friday 19/10

09:30 Arrival of heads of delegation

10:15 First plenary session

11:45 Second plenary session

13:15 Group photo

13:30 Meeting

16:00 Closing ceremony

16:30 Press conference

Source ANA-MPA
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