Nikos Pappas: The policy of the foreign ministry for the resolve of the “Macedonian” issue is at the heart of our government’s philosophy

The Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Nikos Pappas reiterated on Thursday the government’s clear position on the “Macedonian” issue, with statements made at the Foreign Ministry.

Mr. Pappas praised the Foreign Ministry and especially the Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, regarding both the handling of the issue of “Macedonian” and, in general, the policy that has been followed in recent years for the special role that Greece can play in the new era, underlining that this “is at the heart of the philosophy we have as a government for the new growth model”.

He continued by saying that “Greece has a special place on the map. The problems with its neighbors must be solved in a wise and fair way and it must also develop the technologies that will be make it possible for it to become a modern hub in the wider region. A country that will be able to guarantee the prospects of co-development. So I would say that Greece needs technology and a wise foreign policy. “

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