Greece-FYROM agreement will test Greek MPs’ will to resolve issues, says Panos Rigas

The Greece-FYROM name agreement will force all Greek deputies to take a stance in Parliament, Alternate National Defence Minister Panos Rigas said in on Thursday.

In an interview, Rigas said “It’s a national issue, where every deputy will be judged on whether they want to resolve problems and provide another prospect to the country. We are consistently committed to that, our national intest.”

Rigas was also asked to comment on the different stance taken by the Independent Greeks (ANEL), the junior member of the ruling coalition, against the agreement. ANEL and its leader, National Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, have repeatedly said they will vote it down when it comes to Parliament.

The alternate minister acknowledged the political differences between the parties, adding that the coalition agreement with ANEL was focused on taking the country out of the crisis and end corruption and collusion among the political and economic systems and the mass media.

“I would advise everyone to be more careful in their statements. […] Everything else will be judged in Parliament,” he concluded.

Source ANA-MPA
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