Nikos Voutsis: There are no 151 MPs in this parliament to vote motion of censure against the government

New Democracy (ND) will not find in this parliament 151 MPs to vote a motion of censure against the government, stated parliament president Nikos Voutsis in an interview on Sunday.

Voutsis also appeared certain that the Prespes agreement will adopted by the current parliament with a majority which will probably get broader in the next period while the road network provided by the agreement will be met.

On the next general elections, he underlined that they will constitute a strong confrontation between the two programme proposals on the future of Greece and of Europe. With horizon the general elections in 2019, SYRIZA is working on the formation of a wider progressive pole which will finally be able to collect the majority of the electoral body, estimated Voutsis.

At the same time, called Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata’ reference to a possible SYRIZA-KINAL-ND coalition government the next day of the general elections “out of place”. “SYRIZA’s decision is adamant and timely, especially now that the borderlines between the Left and Right, the diving lines between the neoliberal and the progressive programmes, between the markets and the social state are becoming more and more vague, for SYRIZA to participate in such a formation” stated Voutsis.

He revealed that in the next days, the four multipage volumes with the documents of Cyprus files will be handed over to the President of Republic and to the Prime Minister as well as to Cyprus’ political authority.

Source ANA-MPA
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