FYROM referendum: 91.03 pct voted ‘YES’

After the conclusion of the referendum in FYROM, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev called on the deputies of VMRO-DPMNE to respect the people’s decision otherwise the country will go to elections.

“Now the will of those who voted ‘YES’ in the referendum should be turned into political action in the legislative body,” Zaev said.

Zaev also said that now the procedures for the country’s final accession to NATO and the EU should be accelerated.

With 20% of polling stations counted so far, a 91,03% voted in favour and 6% voted against.

A Greek Foreign Minsitry statement released on Sunday evening said that ?Greece is observing closely and with the necessary distance developments in the friendly country of FYROM,? adding that ?Greece remains committed to the Prespes Agreement? and calling for objectivity on all sides.

Source ANA-MPA
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