Sports tourism boosts investments at Costa Navarino

The Costa Navarino resort, located in Messinia in the Peloponnese, continues to invest in the fast growing sector of sports tourism, with the addition of more golf and tennis courses to its award-winning facilities.

“From the very beginning Costa Navarino believed and invested in sports tourism, which is one of the world’s most rapidly developing forms of tourism,” Stefanos Theodoridis, Vice President and CEO of TEMES SA, the developer of Costa Navarino, told reporters on Wednesday during a press event for the 6th Navarino Challenge sports tourism event.

“The sector recorded an annual growth of 43 percent until 2017 worldwide and we believe this trend will continue,” he added.

According to Theodoridis, 25 percentof tourism packages worldwide are combined with sporting events and activities; the number for Greece is 10 percent and constantly growing.

Furthermore, sports tourists tend to spend more. “The average golf traveler spends on average 2.6 times more money compared to a leisure tourist,” Theodoridis said.


New golf and tennis courses

The Costa Navarino resort currently includes two award-winning golf courses in Messinia, while TEMES SA is proceeding with the construction of two more. “By 2021 we will have four golf courses – or five depending on their use – which will make Messinia a leading golf destination globally,” Theodoridis said.

Costa Navarino is also building a new golf clubhouse, which is expected to open its doors in spring 2019.

Furthermore, Theodoridis announced the creation of a tennis academy which will operate based on international standards, as well as the addition of 10-12 tennis courses in the next few years.


6th Navarino Challenge

Regarding the 6th Navarino Challenge, Theodoridis said the resort was ready to host the event on October 12-14. “Navarino Challenge is one of the most significant celebrations for sports and tourism in Greece,” he noted.

The three-day event will attract Olympic medalists, champions, prominent athletes and sports fans of all ages, who will participate in over 20 sports activities including running, open water swimming, SUP, Taekwondo, climbing, biking, basketball, golf and kick boxing.

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