Energy relations and projects to dominate Stathakis’ visit to Skopje

The construction of a Greece-FYROM gas pipeline and the overall strengthening of energy relations between the two countries in electricity and liquid fuels are expected to dominate talks that will be held when he visits Skopje next Monday, Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis said.

An agreement for the Thessaloniki-Negotino gas pipeline was signed by DESFA and Macedonian Energy Resources (MER) in October 2016, while a series of meetings between representatives of the two companies have followed to promote the project.

With the operation of the project, the neighbouring country will gain access to alternative supply sources of natural gas through Greece, which will come one step closer to establishing itself as a regional energy hub and create the conditions, provided that the pipeline to Skopje is extended to other Balkan countries in the future, to gain access to more markets.

In the electricity sector the two sides are discussing an upgrade of the existing Florina – Bitola interconnection, a project that is part of the Ten Year Network Development Plan.

Regarding the liquid fuel sector, negotiations are underway for the reopening of the Thessaloniki-Skopje pipeline with the aim of, among others, exploiting the storage areas at the OKTA refinery in Greece’s northern neighbour to supply the countries of the region.

Source ANA-MPA
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