“From the forbidden city: Imperial apartments of Emperor Qianlong” at the Acropolis Museum

A rare exhibition showcasing artefacts from the private apartments of 18th-century Emperor Qianlong, one of the most renowned rulers in Chinese history, is currently on display at the Acropolis Museum, in partnership with Beijing’s Palace Museum and in the context of the Ministry of Culture and Sport program for the year Greece-China.

The temporary exhibition “From the Forbidden City: Imperial apartments of Emperor Qianlong” which will run through to 14 February 2019, features a total of 154 personal items, ceremonial robes, works of art and furniture from the Qing emperor’s private apartments in the Palace of Many Splendors at Beijing’s Forbidden City, where he spent his youth as a prince and wrote poetry. These items represent a century of Chinese culture and are shown for the first time outside of China.

One of the most renowned emperors in Chinese history, Qianlong (Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911) is the Emperor who reformed China, doubled its size and population, tended to the well-being of its citizens and nurtured the arts and letters with passion. He remained on the throne for sixty years (1736-1795) leaving his personal mark on the art of China.

“Today, once again, two ancient civilizations meet. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last. But every time such cultures come together, and under these conditions, it is a big event that we ought to honor” declared Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos who inaugurated the exhibition at the Acropolis Museum.

“The traditional friendship and cooperation that links China and Greece, adds a new dynamism and vitality to our bilateral relations. Today Sino-Greek relations take on unprecedented growth opportunities. Through consultations and joint efforts, we can certainly seek greater achievements in terms of cultural exchanges within the framework of the ‘one zone, one way’ initiative, thereby benefiting our two peoples’, said Chinese Ambassador Zhang Qiyue.

Source ANA-MPA
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