Seven injured in ‘Navagio’ beach cliff collapse on Zakynthos at last count

A total of seven tourists were injured by falling rocks during the collapse of a cliff at Navagio Beach on Zakynthos, based on the last count by Greek authorities on the island.

An official announcement by the fire brigade late on Thursday, the injured were taken to Zakynthos General Hospital where a 34-year-old Czech woman was admitted for a fractured vertebra. Her husband and two children had minor injuries and were kept in hospital for observation, while three individuals with less serious injuries were discharged.

The fire brigade said that eight firemen from the local fire brigade service conducted a search of the area, along with another 10 rescue workers and a trained dog from the 6th EMAK Disaster Response Unit. Another nine rescue workers from the 1st EMAK unit were later flow in by a Super Puma search-and-rescue helicopter.

According to the coast guard, a count of passengers on tourist boats at the beach was concluded a little after Thursday afternoon without any report of persons missing. The beach was evacuated after the cliff collapse and all craft have been forbidden to approach until further notice.

The cliff collapse occurred on Thursday, with the falling rocks creating turbulence that overturned three boats that had approached the beach from the sea.

Source ANA-MPA
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