Only a strong EU can eliminate populist and neo-nazi formations, says Pavlopoulos

Only the realistic prospect of a strong United Europe can eliminate the populist and neo-nazi formations that spring up and blatantly scheme against the cohesion and the future of the European Union, President of the Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos said in his address on the “Future of Europe” on Friday, during the second and last day of the 14th Arraiolos Group meeting in Riga, Latvia.

Pavlopoulos noted that the current adverse conditions in the context of the EU daily confirm that a strong United Europe capable of playing its global role requires the institutional and political cohesion of the entire European edifice, which only European unification can guarantee.

He also suggested that the success of the endeavour for European unification demands, in addition, the immediate organisation and operation of mechanisms that will enable the EU to quickly and efficiently make decisions that enable it to successfully fulfill its mission, with respect to both its member-states and on an international level. These decision were mainly related to foreign policy, security policy and to economic and monetary policy, he said.

Pavlopoulos also made a special reference to the principle of solidarity, as it is now established in primary European law.

Finally, he pointed out that, without the necessary cohesion and with the prospects of unification cast into doubt, it is obvious that the EU can’t retain the prestige that, until recently, made it ‘attractive’ and inspired European countries to vie for membership, pointed out that “Brexit should raise serious concerns for all of us that believed in the vision of Europe”.

Source ANA-MPA
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