Chania visit the first in a series of planned tours around Greece, says PM Tsipras

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras began his tour of Chania on Wednesday by visiting the headquarters of the regional authority.

In his speech, Tsipras pointed out that this visit marks the beginning of a series of tours he will be making around the country in the autumn in order to inspect the progress of works decided at the regional development conferences.

He noted that the government and local authorities will together check “how the implementation of works that we decided on together” and highlighted the importance of the regional conferences as an institution “that shows us how to discuss and reach conclusions for each region separately”.

Tsipras said that it was important to register the speed at which the projects were progressing and tackle any bureaucratic problems that had arisen, in order to ensure benefits for each separate region.

Referring to the local issues and addressing the mayor of Chania, Tsipras suggested they discuss the issue of the concession of the “Markopoulos” army base, saying this had to be speeded up. He also said that he would discuss the Crete north road axis and the Kasteli airport issues with the region’s governor.

“I know that the Region of Crete has initiated a satisfactory number of budgets in the last three years, much better than in previous years, but the issue is not just to initiate but also to overcome bureaucratic problems in order to start implementing important projects for the region,” Tsipras said.

The prime minister is accompanied on his tour by Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos, Alternate Health Minister Pavlos Polakis and SYRIZA Secretary Panos Skourtetis.



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Source ANA-MPA
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