Prosecutor orders inquiry into state of major transportation bridge in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki first-instance court prosecutor Lambros Tsongas ordered an urgent preliminary investigation into the state of a major bridge connecting the port of the northern city with the road network serving the rest of Greece.

Tsongas told the criminal prosecutor in the city to order the police and the Thessaloniki Coast Guard to determine whether laws were violated in the construction of the bridge.

The inquiry was initiated following complaints of the federation of truck drivers and transporation staff, who said that the bridge has been worn in several sections, it has potholes and other issues that create problems for trucks using it.

The truck drivers said they took action following the collapse earlier in August of the Genoa bridge in Italy, where over 40 people died, “as we do not have the technical know-how to determine how safe the bridge is.”

Source ANA-MPA
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