PM Tsipras: e-ticket for archaeological sites and museums a key change for culture

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday called key change for the culture the introduction of the e-ticket in the archaeological sites in the museums and the monuments in Greece.

“The culture is the great value of our country, our compass for the future” noted Tsipras in a post on his personal twitter account, noting that it paves the way for Greece’s culture in the world tourist market.

“The culture is the great value for our country. The Culture Ministry has concluded a key change.

The electronic ticket for the archaeological sites, museums and monuments of our country” said the Greek prime minister noting that the “e-ticket upgrades the services for millions of visitors by offering the option to buy their tickets online ( and in parallel reduces the waiting time for the entrance in the major archaeological sites and museums.

“Greece is proceeding and in the culture sector, concluded Tsipras.

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