Amendment providing financial aid to fire victims to be voted late Wednesday

An amendment legislating for a series of measures providing emergency financial aid to victims of the disastrous Attica fires on July 23-24 was tabled in Parliament on Wednesday and is due to be passed into law late on Wednesday night.

The amendment was attached to a draft education ministry bill and hands out emergency aid to those whose homes and businesses were damaged in the fires, including second homes.

Fire victims are eligible for the sum of 600 euros, while for the disabled and heads of large families (four or more children), the amount is doubled.

They will also receive 5,900 euros to cover repair work and replace lost household effects and an additional sum of 4,400 euros in the case of permanent physical impairment due to injury.

The amendment also legislates for a series of non-financial support measures to assist fire victims, such as waiving the obligation to supply tax documents, specifying that the aid payments are untaxable and cannot be seized or offset against the recipients debts to the state and banks, and other.

Source ANA-MPA
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