Andreas Xanthos expresses gratitude to health system staff

Health Minister Andreas Xanthos expressed his gratitude to all the employees of the national health system who, from the very first moment, treated those affected by the fires with conscientious care and dependability.

Xanthos is visiting health facilities in the fire-stricken areas.

The minister thanked all the doctors and nurses. “We thank them for surpassing themselves, their effort was great. They continue to assist the people in need. Their psychosocial support is important, so we will reinforce the facilities of the area with counsellors and staff with other specialisations,” he underlined.

The health minister also spoke about the post-traumatic stress suffered by many of the victims and said that already 36 health professionals are in the Rafina Health Center – a modern health facility, which provides reliable services.

Source ANA-MPA
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