Eliza Vozemberg: Greece exiting the programme but not the crisis

“Growth is forecast to once again be less than 2 pct. It is true that an agreement is ending, that we are exiting the programme, but are we exiting the crisis? We are entering even deeper with the things legislated in advance and the things agreed,” main opposition New Democracy MEP Eliza Vozemberg said on Friday.

In Brussels, meanwhile, European officials had not stopped talking about the need to uphold the agreements and stick to the commitments, she pointed out.

On the matter of the two Greek soldiers detained in Turkey, Vozemberg said that Greece’s European partners were willing to pressure Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for their release but not to the extent of disrupting their own relations with Turkey in order to bring about a result. She predicted that Erdogan would only make concessions in this direction if this would bring some kind of political benefit for himself or his country.

“Every time there are talks, his stance hardens. Now he has introduced into his rhetoric, absolutely and inflexibly, the matter of a trade-off – which for us is inconceivable. We cannot back down on this….we are a country where justice has independence and we cannot bargain with this. Consequently, we have a stalemate. Let us hope, since in Turkey there are also massive economic interests dependent on the EU that it will think differently at some point in the future,” she said.

On the recently passed ‘Kleisthenes’ reforms for local government, she expressed fears that the introduction of simple proportional representation will result in “ungovernable” local authorities.

Source ANA-MPA
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