Margaritis Schinas: The Greek people chose to remain in the eurozone

There aren’t many people in the European Commission who feel nostalgia for the first half of 2015, European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said on Thursday, asked to comment on the three-year anniversary from the referendum in Greece and the current political controversy in Greece on post-memorandum surveillance.

“You will not find many people in this building who feel nostalgia for the first half of 2015,” he said. “Here at the Commission we prefer to look forward and not backwards. With their sacrifices, the Greek people voted in the last eight years for Greece’s remaining in the eurozone. (European Commission) President Juncker and the Commission are proud for having contributed to this and they will continue to support Greece and its return to growth and to employment.”

Referring to the Greek adjustment programme that concludes on August 20, Schinas said, “The Eurogroup reached its decisions on June 21 that specify the parametres of the enhanced supervision in the post-memorandum era.”

Source ANA-MPA
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