Nikos Pappas: Government will serve out its term

“Mr. Kammenos’ position was known from the beginning of the debate and it became even clearer today” stated Digital Minister Nikos Pappas on Tuesday commenting on Independent Greeks party leader and Defence Minister Panos Kammenos’ statements.

In any case, the government will follow to the letter those provided in the Prespes agreement and after the ratification of those agreed by FYROM, and only when all the steps have been concluded, will Greece will give the OK, said Pappas.

He added that when the time comes and all the steps have been made by the neighbouring country, we will examine with what kind of majority the agreement will be ratified by Greece.

On the possibility of a referendum, Pappas said that everything is judged moment by moment, however we have a ruling parliament to give solutions.

Pappas said that the government will reach September 2019 (4-year tenure) and called on those that worry not to jump to conclusions.

Source ANA-MPA
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