Alexandros Thanos: Central Macedonia Region top in tourist traffic

The region of central Macedonia is top among all Greek regions in tourist traffic, according to deputy regional governor for culture and tourism Alexandros Thanos.

In a report to the regional council, he noted that the situation is changing even in terms of overnight stays, where the region traditionally did not perform well as its tourists mostly came from the Balkan market.

He explained that the mix of tourists is changing, with more tourists from the United Kingdom and Qatar, so that it now ranked second among all Greek regions for the number of overnight stays.

Thanos also pointed to a 14 percent annual increase in visits to archaeological sites, with the highest increase observed in Pella, with a 130 pct hike in visits.

On passenger traffic at Macedonia airport, he said this had increased in the last year, even though the main runway had remained closed for some time. “There is a 30 pct increase from May 2017 to May 2018,” he said and estimated that a runway extension planned by the investor will be very helpful.

Source ANA-MPA