Prodromos Prodromou: Now is the time to hear what Ankara has to say

Now that the Turkish elections are over, is the time to hear what Ankara has to say on the resumption of the Cyprus peace talks, Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said on Monday.

Invited to comment on the election result in relation to UN Secretary General’s initiative to resume reunification talks, he expressed the Greek Cypriot side’s readiness to take part in a fresh round of negotiations.

“Now, there are no longer any negative factors,” he said.

“The elections have taken place and we are waiting for Turkey to respond to the United Nations Secretary General’s (Antonio Guterres) initiative to establish its true intentions with regard to Cyprus,” Prodromou added.

Nicosia, he said, would like to see if anything has changed in relation to public statements on the part of Turkey and whether negotiations can resume.

In the recent past, Turkish government officials have expressed their intention to move away from a UN framework, relating to the resumption of the Cyprus peace talks.

“The Greek Cypriot side is ready to return to the negotiating table. It is high time, now that the elections are over, to hear from Ankara,” he stressed.

Source CNA
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