A great day for Greece and Europe, say German and French ambassadors after Aegean Airlines agreement

In statements at an event to mark the official signature of an agreement between Greek air carrier Aegean Airlines and Airbus for the purchase of new Airbus A320neo, French Ambassador in Athens Christophe Chantepy and German Ambassador to Greece Jens Ploetner said it was a “great day” for the two companies but also Greece and Europe.

Replying to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Chantepy also referred to the Eurogroup’s decision on Greece, saying it was a good agreement for the future of Greece and the Eurozone. Commenting on the Aegean, Airbus agreement, he said this signalled that “Greece is now able to find the path to growth.”

Ploetner, on his part, highlighted the importance of the deal as a sign of Europe’s mutual support and solidarity:
“This is a great day for Aegean, it’s a great day for Airbus and it’s a great day for Europe because the commitment of Aegean to our European aircraft production is a strong sign that not only Aegean has confidence in Airbus but also that we here in Europe are standing together,” he said.

He noted that Aegean was “a very strong ambassador for Greece,” which could be proud to “have such a carrier, who brings across Europe and way beyond the pictures of a very warm and welcoming Greece.”

Source ANA-MPA
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