Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens to open its doors in March

The renovation of the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens is expected to be completed in a few months while the hotel is expected to open its doors in March 2019.

According to an announcement, the renovation of Astir Beach, with new infrastructure and upgraded services, will be completed by the summer of 2019, aiming at strengthening its emblematic identity by setting new quality standards. The investment plan includes the construction of up to 13 luxury private homes and the upgrade of Astir Marina.

The investment, totaling 650 million euros, is the largest tourist development project underway in Greece.

“Our vision is to make Astir an international destination in the wider Mediterranean region that will offer unique experiences to its visitors. In this context, it is our strategic goal to present Astir in early 2019, ensuring the implementation of our business plan with the highest quality standards. We remain committed to our plan and we are confident that such a complex task, despite the difficult licensing processes, is steadily advancing towards its completion. We are truly excited to see our vision come true and look forward to presenting the ultimate luxury destination to our guests,” Stelios Koutsivitis, Managing Director of Astir Palace Vouliagmenis, said.

Source ANA-MPA
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