Protest rally against FYROM name deal held in Syntagma Square

Protestors objecting to the agreement reached between the governments of Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) for resolving the name issue gathered in Syntagma Square on Friday, for a protest rally with the central slogan “Hands off Macedonia”.

Waving flags of Greece and the Vergina sun, people of all ages called for the agreement to be dropped and urged the MPs opposing it to “do their duty” and vote against it, even if this results in the collapse of the present government.

The head of the Campaign for the Greekness of Macedonia, Mihalis Patsikas, noted that the campaign’s two rallies in Thessaloniki and Athens, as well as in 24 other cities around Greece, sent a message that “we will not allow the name Macedonia to be given away…the name Macedonia is, in itself, irredentist and no one other than Greeks can be called Macedonians.”

He said the Campaign is planning other protests in the coming days to block the deal.

Source ANA-MPA
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